Music Movies

The Pianist
2002, Drama, Biography, Music The Pianist
2014, Drama, Music Whiplash
The Filthy Frank Show
2011, Comedy, Fantasy, Music The Filthy Frank Show
Chappelle's Show
2003, Comedy, Music Chappelle's Show
Some Like It Hot
1959, Comedy, Romance, Music Some Like It Hot
Flight of the Conchords
2007, Comedy, Music, Musical Flight of the Conchords
2016, Comedy, Drama, Music Atlanta
La La Land
2016, Comedy, Drama, Music La La Land
Bohemian Rhapsody
2018, Drama, Biography, Music Bohemian Rhapsody
Searching for Sugar Man
2012, Biography, Music Searching for Sugar Man
2011, Music Samsara
Sing Street
2016, Comedy, Drama, Music Sing Street
This Is Spinal Tap
1984, Comedy, Music This Is Spinal Tap
The Legend of 1900
1998, Romance, Drama, Music The Legend of 1900
Walk the Line
2005, Drama, Biography, Music Walk the Line
1982, Music Koyaanisqatsi
2008, Drama, Music Departures
Three Colors: Blue
1993, Drama, Music, Mystery Three Colors: Blue
A Star Is Born
2018, Romance, Drama, Music A Star Is Born
Saturday Night Live
1975, Comedy, Music Saturday Night Live
2007, Romance, Drama, Music Once
The Chorus
2004, Drama, Music The Chorus
2004, Drama, Biography, Music Ray
The Red Shoes
1948, Romance, Drama, Music The Red Shoes
Billy Elliot
2000, Drama, Music Billy Elliot
Michael Jackson: Thriller
1983, Short, Horror, Music Michael Jackson: Thriller
Autumn Sonata
1978, Drama, Music Autumn Sonata
The Muppet Show
1976, Comedy, Music, Family The Muppet Show
Gully Boy
2019, Drama, Music Gully Boy
The Get Down
2016, Drama, Music, Musical The Get Down
Mozart in the Jungle
2014, Comedy, Drama, Music Mozart in the Jungle
2015, Biography, Music Amy
Farewell My Concubine
1993, Romance, Drama, Music Farewell My Concubine
2007, Drama, Biography, Music Control
2010, Comedy, Music, Talk-Show Conan
The Double Life of Véronique
1991, Drama, Fantasy, Music The Double Life of Véronique
The Broken Circle Breakdown
2012, Romance, Drama, Music The Broken Circle Breakdown
A Night at the Opera
1935, Comedy, Music, Musical A Night at the Opera
La Vie En Rose
2007, Drama, Biography, Music La Vie En Rose
1996, Drama, Biography, Music Shine
The Piano
1993, Romance, Drama, Music The Piano
High Fidelity
2000, Comedy, Drama, Music High Fidelity
Stop Making Sense
1984, Music Stop Making Sense
Your Lie in April
2014, Animation, Drama, Music Your Lie in April
Inside Llewyn Davis
2013, Comedy, Drama, Music Inside Llewyn Davis
All That Jazz
1979, Drama, Music, Musical All That Jazz
1970, Music, History Woodstock
The Last Waltz
1978, Biography, Music The Last Waltz
August Rush
2007, Drama, Music August Rush

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