Horror Movies

Stranger Things
2016, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Stranger Things
1960, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Psycho
The Haunting of Hill House
2018, Drama, Horror, Mystery The Haunting of Hill House
The Twilight Zone
1959, Drama, Fantasy, Horror The Twilight Zone
The Shining
1980, Drama, Horror The Shining
1979, Horror, Sci-Fi Alien
2013, Drama, Horror, Crime Hannibal
2005, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Supernatural
The Walking Dead
2010, Drama, Horror, Thriller The Walking Dead
The Thing
1982, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi The Thing
American Horror Story
2011, Drama, Horror, Thriller American Horror Story
The Originals
2013, Drama, Fantasy, Horror The Originals
Penny Dreadful
2014, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Penny Dreadful
The Exorcist
1973, Horror The Exorcist
Bates Motel
2013, Drama, Horror, Mystery Bates Motel
Rosemary's Baby
1968, Drama, Horror Rosemary's Baby
Shaun of the Dead
2004, Comedy, Horror Shaun of the Dead
Let the Right One In
2008, Romance, Drama, Horror Let the Right One In
Dawn of the Dead
1978, Horror, Thriller Dawn of the Dead
1978, Horror, Thriller Halloween
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1920, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
1962, Drama, Horror, Thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
1922, Fantasy, Horror Nosferatu
1955, Drama, Horror, Crime Diabolique
Evil Dead II
1987, Comedy, Horror Evil Dead II
Get Out
2017, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Get Out
King Kong
1933, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi King Kong
The Vampire Diaries
2009, Drama, Fantasy, Horror The Vampire Diaries
2011, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Grimm
I Saw the Devil
2010, Action, Drama, Horror, Crime, Thriller I Saw the Devil
Perfect Blue
1997, Animation, Horror, Mystery Perfect Blue
2005, Horror Earthlings
The Birds
1963, Drama, Horror, Mystery The Birds
What We Do in the Shadows
2014, Comedy, Horror What We Do in the Shadows
2009, Comedy, Horror, Adventure Zombieland
Michael Jackson: Thriller
1983, Short, Horror, Music Michael Jackson: Thriller
2004, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Saw
28 Days Later...
2002, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi 28 Days Later...
The Others
2001, Horror, Mystery, Thriller The Others
Parasyte: The Maxim
2014, Animation, Action, Horror Parasyte: The Maxim
1931, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Frankenstein
1932, Drama, Horror Freaks
Santa Clarita Diet
2017, Comedy, Horror Santa Clarita Diet
The Skin I Live In
2011, Drama, Horror, Thriller The Skin I Live In
The Blue Elephant
2014, Drama, Horror, Mystery The Blue Elephant
What We Do in the Shadows
2019, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror What We Do in the Shadows
The Exorcist
2016, Drama, Horror, Thriller The Exorcist
The Conjuring
2013, Horror, Mystery, Thriller The Conjuring

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