Crime Movies

Breaking Bad
2008, Drama, Crime, Thriller Breaking Bad
The Godfather
1972, Drama, Crime The Godfather
The Wire
2002, Drama, Crime, Thriller The Wire
2010, Drama, Crime, Mystery Sherlock
The Sopranos
1999, Drama, Crime The Sopranos
The Dark Knight
2008, Action, Drama, Crime The Dark Knight
The Godfather: Part II
1974, Drama, Crime The Godfather: Part II
True Detective
2014, Drama, Crime, Mystery True Detective
Pulp Fiction
1994, Drama, Crime Pulp Fiction
Death Note
2006, Animation, Drama, Crime Death Note
2014, Drama, Crime, Thriller Fargo
2015, Drama, Biography, Crime Narcos
1990, Drama, Biography, Crime Goodfellas
2006, Drama, Crime, Mystery Dexter
Peaky Blinders
2013, Drama, Crime Peaky Blinders
2019, Drama, Crime, Thriller Joker
1995, Drama, Crime, Mystery Se7en
The Silence of the Lambs
1991, Drama, Crime, Thriller The Silence of the Lambs
The Green Mile
1999, Drama, Fantasy, Crime The Green Mile
Better Call Saul
2015, Drama, Crime Better Call Saul
Twin Peaks
1990, Drama, Crime, Mystery Twin Peaks
City of God
2002, Drama, Crime City of God
2015, Action, Drama, Crime Daredevil
The Departed
2006, Drama, Crime, Thriller The Departed
Léon: The Professional
1994, Action, Drama, Crime Léon: The Professional
The Usual Suspects
1995, Crime, Mystery, Thriller The Usual Suspects
2017, Drama, Crime, Mystery Dark
The Boys
2019, Comedy, Action, Crime The Boys
Sons of Anarchy
2008, Drama, Crime, Thriller Sons of Anarchy
The X-Files
1993, Drama, Crime, Mystery The X-Files
2017, Drama, Crime, Thriller Mindhunter
Mr. Robot
2015, Drama, Crime, Thriller Mr. Robot
2013, Drama, Horror, Crime Hannibal
Money Heist
2017, Action, Crime, Mystery Money Heist
Boardwalk Empire
2010, Drama, Crime, History Boardwalk Empire
The Punisher
2017, Action, Crime, Adventure The Punisher
1997, Drama, Crime, Thriller Oz
Once Upon a Time in America
1984, Drama, Crime Once Upon a Time in America
Reservoir Dogs
1992, Drama, Crime, Thriller Reservoir Dogs
Sacred Games
2018, Action, Drama, Crime Sacred Games
2000, Comedy, Crime Snatch
A Clockwork Orange
1971, Drama, Crime, Sci-Fi A Clockwork Orange
1983, Drama, Crime Scarface
Taxi Driver
1976, Drama, Crime Taxi Driver
Big Little Lies
2017, Drama, Crime, Mystery Big Little Lies
Prison Break
2005, Action, Drama, Crime Prison Break
2004, Drama, Crime, History Deadwood
The Shield
2002, Drama, Crime, Thriller The Shield
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
2013, Comedy, Crime Brooklyn Nine-Nine
2010, Drama, Crime, Mystery Luther

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